This is it. The last chapter. That is, the last chapter of Yogurt’s middle school/high school arc. This chapter will mark the end of one of the major arcs of the Yogurt Short Comics series. I’d like to thank everyone, once again, for reading this far into the series and watching Yogurt and her friends grow up to become young adults about to enter their post-secondary education life. Some of them will be going to college, and some of them will be working right away. But before that all starts… this chapter must bring closure to the arc.

Continuing on from the last chapter, Yogurt and Berry are visiting the hot springs after a long day of activities! Hot springs look a lot like swimming pools at this location. Yogurt and Berry are simply just enjoying one of the smaller hot pools that have jets of water blowing out the side. Yogurt looks extremely relaxed when notices that Berry is a little bit further away than she wanted him to be. So she calls him out to come closer. Berry hesitates and blows bubbles in the water. It’s a little different coming from him. Normally, he doesn’t mind getting close to Yogurt, but for some reason, he’s a little shyer here than usual.