A new comic for the week! We’re at the half way point of this month’s chapter of comics. Yogurt’s first day of being a student teacher has been a blast! She’s still getting the hang of being around the students, but with the help of Mrs. MacMillan, Yogurt will make it through the year! As the kids are dismissed for the day, one of the kids comes up to Yogurt to ask her a pretty important question. She was curious to know when Yogurt will be in front of the class to start teaching everyone!

As some folks know, student teachers don’t necessarily start teaching right away. Often times they’re there to shadow the main teacher for a little bit before given the opportunity to actually teach class. Yogurt here is no exception. For the first little while, she’ll be following in the footsteps of Terry’s Mom and getting the hang of the routine of being a teacher. Eventually, Yogurt will have her classes planned out and she’ll be ready to present to the kids her very first lesson!