A new comic for the week! In this comic, Yogurt, Berry, and Risa are meeting up at a new cafe pretty close to campus, just to meet up and catch up with each other. It happens to be within the busiest times of the semester, when everyone is having their midterm exams and all the assignments and stuff. Yogurt’s pretty stressed out, but I think what she needs lots of now is just a break. Meeting up with friends for a chat is a good way to have a break.

Here, Risa is talking about what her plans are for school. She’s coming to the end of her two year computer engineering technologies program. However, she’s thinking of continuing her studies, going as far as to take up specialized programs and obtain an engineering degree. She has a lot of options available to her, everything from robotics, nanotechnology, software development, control systems, and fabrication. For Risa, it seems like all the tech in the world is for her to play with. She’s just super excited with a passion for tech. Yogurt, who is struggling to make her ends meet in school is trying to fathom the thought process Risa has. Yogurt needs some of that excited for her own studies.