A new comic for the week! Today I start work at my full-time job. There are a lot of things that I have responsibilities over, but that’s okay. I’ll still have the time to work on all of my comics and such! As you might have already seen on my social media feeds, I’ve recently announced the release of my #inktoberyogurt 2018 mini album! Something that I’ve held back from doing until I was able to acquire a proper printer to do the job. If you’d like to have a look at it, it’s available on my online shop HERE

In this comic, Olivia and Gabe are having a quick chat while Yogurt is using the toilet at the mall. Berry comes clean with Olivia, telling her his concerns for Yogurt. It’s not too often that we see the caring side of Berry, let alone his ranting towards his friends. One of the things that Berry is trying to do to help Yogurt out is simply just going out for walks more, any particular reason for the two of them to step out of the house. After all, the times when Yogurt and Berry are able to hang out with Olivia and everyone else doing outdoor activities is slowly becoming more scarce. With all the time that Yogurt and Berry have for each other, especially now that the summer months are here, it’s perhaps the best time of the year for the two to spend some time doing more active things outside. Olivia responds to Gabe’s concerns with a bit of hope though. Not only does she think that Gabe is doing something nice, but she also thinks that he’s a good husband for Yogurt. Hehe, well, future husband at least.