Hi everyone! I have another comic to share for the week! Yogurt and Berry are up! They decide to have some of the continental breakfast that is provided by the motel. A small room with a bunch of light breakfast options like buns, muffins, toast, coffee, and some cereal. Yogurt asks Papa what they’ll be doing for today. He responds saying that there’s a ton that they could do there. In a place that’s know for its harvests, Papa suggests that they could spent some time today picking some fruits!

Yogurt is visiting a valley in a neighbouring province from where she’s from. In this valley, there are a lot of fruit farms. Even a lake with a mythical monster in it! There are a lot of activities here that they could do. Fruit picking, visiting wineries, mini golfing, go-karting, hikes, boating, swimming. It’s really quite the escape compared to the city life in the prairies where Yogurt’s from. In the next comic, we’ll start to see some of the things that Yogurt will be doing this trip!