Merry Christmas from YogurtMedia! As you can see, I’m still working on comics even in the festive season! In addition to that, I’ve also made it snow temporarily on my website for the holidays! Something for a little fun right up until the New Years.

In this chapter of comics, we finally get to see Olivia’s parents. Throughout the high school arc, I’ve hinted Olivia’s parents every so often, but they almost always never show up, leaving Olivia a little disappointed and sad. Well, that changes around this season! Olivia’s parents are home for the Christmas season! Olivia has always painted herself to be a very bright and happy-go-lucky go-getter type of girl. It was really only in the few odd times involving her anticipation of her parents that we really see her being sad. It’s pretty likely that she almost never gets to see her parents all that often.

In this comic, Olivia’s dad introduces himself to everyone! He’s heard many stories of Olivia’s friends from Olivia herself! As Yogurt receives a handshake from him, she feels her hand getting crushed. Olivia’s dad can give a pretty strong handshake.