Hi everyone! It’s a new week and I have a new comic to share! Risa and Terry are getting ready to start their collab stream together. For the first time, Risa is doing a streaming collab for her streaming sidegig! Occassionally, Risa streams online using a virtual avatar and has come up with an online persona for herself! She’d gotten a small but tight-knit following, mostly garnered from fans of the games she enjoys to play, or from their shared vested interest in a variety of pop-culture forms of media. Here in this comic, she’s prepping things up for the pre-stream. She asks if Terry is ready to do it, giving him a last minute way out if he doesn’t want to go live in front of many people. Not that he’ll have to worry about it, since he’s not using a webcam or anything. With all things good to go, Risa hits the go live button and the two are live!