Another comic for the week! This is it. From tomorrow onwards until mid-May, I will be travelling overseas once again. Japan is the first stop, of which I will likely be there to catch the Sakura viewing and to pick up various goods. Kemono Friends is pretty high up on my list, but due to the miraculous popularity as of late, finding any merch would be a challenge. For the Yogurt comics, I’ve prepared enough comics to last right up until I get back from my trip, so there shouldn’t be any long break or hiatus!

In this comic, Yogurt is hanging out with Berry as usual. She stares at him in awe of the thought of him taking up many classes in school. In Yogurt’s long glances at him, Berry stops to notice her staring, even as far as to call her out on it. He must have thought that Yogurt was sketching him on the spot. Yogurt, still dazed from Berry’s sudden reaction, found it difficult to return a reasonable answer. It’s not entirely uncommon. I happen to stare at quite a few people, often in deep creative thoughts. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate certain traits and features into my characters, even if that inspiration came directly from the people around me.