Another comic for the week!

In this comic, Risa manages to catch a glimpse of Ada setting up and playing a very competitive video game on her gaming laptop on campus. Ada went to choose a quiet corner of the facility to do about her gaming in peace. That way, she can throw on a headset and play online. To Risa’s surprise, Ada was most definitely not as chill as she had come to know of in class. Ada always used to seem cute and girlish, maybe feeling a little annoyed from time to time…

In any case, Risa now knows that Ada runs on rage and anger. Ada’s just generally a salty individual who happens to hide that fact about her pretty well in-class or in much of the public. But with Ada still being the only other female classmate, Risa would likely still try to get to know her a little more.

Oh! In other news, today is Terry’s 18th birthday! He’s the oldest member of Yogurt’s group of friends. Today would mark the day he can do quite a lot of adult things. For one, the drinking age up here is 18. In addition, he no longer needs to have a guardian sign things off. He’s able to work in many more places now that have a minimum employment age enforced. Terry’s a good man. One who works very hard.