One more comic for the week!

In this comic, Risa brings up a very adult notion of setting up a career pathway with her friends at the lunch table. While some kids do plan way ahead from as early as their first year in high school, the rest of us made do with trying to figure out our future careers in pretty the last year of high school, if at all. While it looks like Risa is dead set on attending a technical college for computer science, IT, or web development, the rest of her friends are still figuring out what to take up. Terry is likely to lean towards culinary arts, Olivia is likely to pursue a career as a writer, but Berry seems to still be unsure of what to take, despite having the credentials for entering university. In the midst of all that, Yogurt is wondering if she herself has any career in mind that align with her passions.

Just a heads up! On September 22-24, I will be attending the Edmonton Comic Expo! As the event gets closer, I will be posting more updates here, on Twitter, as well as on my events page. I hope to bring more books, prints and other merch, as well as the opportunity to meet with some of my readers, new and old!