I’m back with a new comic for this week! As you might have noticed from some of my streams and uploads lately, I’ve been making an effort to get back into making music again! However, this time around, I’ve been trying my shot at making music that’s a little more outside of my comfort zone. The Yogurt soundtracks were mostly composed with piano, strings, woodwinds, guitar, and a variety of mostly acoustic instrumentals. I’m hoping to expand my horizon a bit and explore different sounds, synths, and drums. I hope you’ll look forward to more of my original music!

In this comic, Risa abruptly ends her stream after realizing that she had long overstayed her intended stream time. As it turns out, Risa found that time just flew by so quickly during her stream that she had completely lost track of it, right up until Terry was already done work for the day. Perhaps the game she was playing was pretty fun? However, Risa seems to think otherwise.