Hi everyone! I have another comic to share for the week! We’re already around the half way point of the month. I’ve been hard at work putting together the upcoming Vol.7 Yogurt book! Which, by the way, I’m open to taking pre-orders right now! You can check it out here: Yogurt Short Comics Vol.7.

In this comic, Anne introduces herself to Olivia. Anne hasn’t met Olivia because she didn’t attend the same high school as Yogurt and everyone else. Hehe, Anne was only around in the middle school chapters, and she was just a minor character who had a crush on her teacher then. But I feel like if she were to attend the same high school as Yogurt, perhaps Anne would’ve been able to fit right in with the Yogurt crew and have befriended Olivia easily! Luckily, Olivia is always quick to make new friends. Anne is no exception!