Hi everyone! A new comic for the week. The month is coming close to an end, and the last month of the second volume comics begins the next month! Over the next little while, I’ll be busy compiling up the second volume of the Yogurt Short Comics books. It will be slightly thicker than the first volume by about ~50 pages, and it would still only be in limited print. I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be taking pre-orders, but as soon as I’m ready to, I’ll let you know! Volume two would most likely be shipping out by the end of October, if all things go smoothly, so keep in touch!

In this comic, Risa wants to take Shu out to go try one of her favorite dishes, the poutine. Originally a French-Canadian dish, the poutine is one of those dishes that you have to try when you get here. Sadly, it’s perhaps one of the only uniquely Canadian dishes. Shu mistakenly thinks that he needs to know a bit of French in order to understand Risa or try the poutine. However, it appears that not many people in Canada know French to begin with, despite it being a second-language in the country.