One more comic for the week!

Risa went to have dinner at Yogurt’s dad’s diner, where Terry works. She happens to catch Terry during his break time, so the two began to have a chat. It’s been a long while since the two have spent any time together. Their schedules don’t quite line up nicely. In her curiosity, she asks if Terry would be free anytime during reading week. Of course, Terry replies saying that he’ll be free on Valentine’s Day that week.

As the college years go by, it can sometimes be a little difficult to find the time to meet up with friends, especially those that you’ve been friends with since earlier school days. But that’s simply a part of how things work as you enter the adulthood years. One solution would be to simply just make the conscious effort to continue to socialize and meet up with the friends that you hold close, regardless of how busy everyone’s schedule is. It’s better to keep asking, keep suggesting, and hope that one day the invitations and social gatherings don’t stop.