Hi everyone! It’s been a pretty busy weekend for me! If you’ve been keeping up with my tweets lately, you would have noticed that I had dropped by the Edmonton Animethon convention as a patron. It was such a pleasure to meet up with a bunch of art friends and buddies, as well as to check out a lot of original artists and comic authors. It was a real blast and I do wish I could’ve had more time to talk more with everyone. I even surprised a few people with some gifts of my own!

In this comic, Yogurt and her friends are over at Olivia’s place. However, they noticed that someone isn’t there. They’re a little bit disappointed that Terry couldn’t meet up with them for the hangout because of work reasons. Then Yogurt brings up the notion that at some point in the future, the five of them might all having working adult lives. Suddenly, they seem to be painting a future in their minds where they won’t have any time to meet up at all. Of course, Olivia, who is already working at a daycare on a very regular basis, tells them that they are overthinking it. She’s quite confident that they’ll still be able to make time to spend together.