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Continuing on with stories of Yogurt’s mom, here’s one where she is trying to prepare dinner. Although the chef in the house happens to be Yogurt’s dad, Yogurt’s mom most certainly wanted to learn how to cook just as well. She wasn’t exactly a person who was used to working in the kitchen. Having her husband taught her tricks around the kitchen, she hoped to have one day be able to make delicious meals for her family. Yogurt too is someone who wants to be able to cook just as well, so she relies on her dad to teach her in present day.

Flambe is that really over-dramatic flaming of food as you cook it on a pan and add warmed-up alcohol to it. I can’t say that it is something that makes your food taste good, but I can say that it looks dangerous. Even more so when in the hands of Yogurt or her mom. If I were Yogurt’s dad, I’d probably try to keep them away from the kitchen as much as possible.