Last comic for the month! Thank you for following another month of my comics! Risa’s making a pretty important decision here. After finishing her Computer Engineering Technologies program and diploma, she was on the fence about wanting to continue, or rather, she was bored and wanted more out of her studies. She’s been doing absolutely great, with high GPA scores and positive comments from her academic peers. After this chapter, she’s now certain of continuing her studies to pursuit a degree, which will not only give her a leg up in academics, but it will also open up opportunities for her. Her program will involve working on her managerial skills and the business models of the industry she’s getting into, along with additional study on specific technologies of her choosing. She’ll also be granted job placements with partnering companies that sponsor and work with the institute, further opening more doors for Risa!

Ada makes up with Risa in this comic, apologizing for the things that she said earlier in her rant. Her tone is the opposite this time around, even being excited to work with Risa again in the following term for the next two years for their degree program. Ada has had concerns about a variety of obstacles that they will likely encounter once they’re in the working stages of their careers. But perhaps she can learn a thing or two from Risa’s optimism, and likewise, maybe Risa could learn from Ada to prepare herself for what could be coming.