A new comic for the week!

In this comic, everyone was about to head home for the weekend, but Olivia stops everyone so that they can be one of the first ones to play around in the season’s first snow. In some places, the first snow tends to be pretty wet, making them sticky enough to build snowmen and forts. However, Risa just wants to go home or something. Olivia throws her on the spot, making it difficult for Risa to say no.

Just an update. I’ve been working behind the scenes to keep the website running smoothly. Every so often, the server doesn’t cooperate, either due to a damaged node or server load, and the site goes down for an hour or so. I’ve moved the server location to a new data center in Toronto. In the process, I’ve killed the mail servers for the site, so outgoing mail from the site will be down for now. I’ll be keeping watch over the next couple of weeks. So far, there was evidence that it might have been a damaged node causing all sorts of issues, hence the move to a Canadian data center.