Last comic for the month! This has been a really eventful month for me! Not just for the comics, but also just in general. I’ve been working diligently on Ink, Coffee, and a Side of Yogurt, and I want to thank everyone again for dropping by for my inking streams. Unlike Inktober Yogurt, I will be continuing on InkCoffeeYogurt through the fall and winter seasons until I get a nice chunk of art done out of it.

In this comic, Yogurt mentions that she’s glad that she’s making money from her job so that she can help out her dad with the house and all. However, Yogurt’s dad doesn’t quite sit well with that thought. Although he really appreciates his daughter’s efforts to look after him, he doesn’t want her to work so hard for him. He reassures Yogurt that he’s doing perfectly fine financially and would rather that Yogurt just save up her money and spend it for herself. Yogurt is relieved a bit, but nonetheless, still would like to spend a bit of her first paycheck on her dad by going out for dinner at least!