Comic #600!! Another hundred comic milestone has been reached! It’s easy to forget just how many comics strips I’ve done over the years when things have gotten so routine and have become a force of habit. There’s still many more comics to come, and many more stories to share of Yogurt and her friends.

In this comic, Yogurt is adding a bit of finishing touches to the cake she had baked for Berry’s birthday earlier in the chapter. In her dad’s restaurant kitchen, she applies a bit of cake decorations, hoping to dress up the cake and make it a little more fancy. She’s a little nervous, and questions whether or not Berry will really notice the effort she put into her creation. Her father reassures her that Gabe will like it regardless, just because she made it. It’s not exactly the best form of encouragement, but it was enough to give Yogurt the extra push she needed.

On an extra note, for those that haven’t noticed at all, this is Berry’s 15th birthday. Within Yogurt’s circle of friends, Berry is the youngest, and would be considered the baby of the group.