Hi everyone! It’s a new week, and I have another comic to share! I had quite the weekend. I recently picked up an iPad and Apple Pencil they had on clearance to use as a digital sketchbook on the go! I’ve honestly been missing out a lot and was surprised I didn’t pick one up sooner. I definitely don’t see it replacing any of my devices, but it’s another tool in the toolbox for me to get stuff made!

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry arrive at the restaurant, fashionably late as usual. It’s something that I’ve only recently noticed, but Yogurt and Berry tend to arrive just a little late to a lot of the outings that their friends have. They’re not really late late, but it’s late enough that they can almost always set up an fashionable greeting. Speaking of fashionable, Yogurt and Berry arrived wearing somewhat fancier clothes than usual. Even Terry and Risa came with rather casual clothes in comparison. Maybe Yogurt and Berry were taking the double date a little too serious.

It’s worth noting here that this is probably the one of the few odd times within the last several years that the original gang met up to do things as friends. That is the original four characters Yogurt, Risa, Gabe, and Terry. Back in the early stages of the Childhood Arc when they were all in middle school, this was a much more common sight. It wasn’t until Olivia was introduced in high school that we’ve had a consistently present “fifth wheel” in the gang. Not like that was a bad thing, as Olivia really got things rolling with everyone in ways nobody else could.