Another comic for the week! This month is quickly coming to a close! With November in mind, my eyes are set to finish proofing Yogurt Short Comics Vol.5 and prepare it for release! I’ve gotten quite a few preorders, and that’s great! It’ll help give me an idea of how much to print out and prepare in advance!

In this comic, Risa got back home after going out trick or treating with her friend. Her mom comes to great her! As Risa rummages through her backpack filled with sweets, chips, and sorts of Halloween snacks, she claims that all of that supply will last her until next year! Her mom trembles in her spot, putting together words of encouragement. She hopes that Risa will be able to stick to her word and make that candy supply last! Risa is a little bit confused with her mom’s reaction and is getting mixed feelings from her. Does even her mom questions whether Risa can keep that promise? Risa has quite the sweet tooth, after all.