I’m back from my mountain trip! I had a lot of fun going biking out in the mountains over the last few days. But now that I’m back at home, I can focus on some art and comics now! Vol.9 is also very close to completion!

In this comic, Yogurt has been wondering about how Olivia was able to afford such a big mansion, swimming pool and everything. In particular, she was wondering what exactly Olivia’s parents were up to all this time, especially since Yogurt’s only seen them maybe once in all the time that she’s known Olivia. As it turns out, Olivia reveals that her parents are executive members of a large scale enterprise business venture of unknown industry. Whatever it may be, it definitely has been paying for the house and everything that Olivia has…

Probably just want to let folks know that I now have a misskey.io profile! With Twitter going the way of X, I’ve taken some proactive measures to shift my focus on little micro updates to my misskey.io account here: @[email protected]
Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop using Twitter/X. In fact, I’ll still provide some important updates and such. But if you’re interested in reading some of my interim posts, like my daily outings or random doodles and thoughts, I’ll be sharing more on misskey.io!