A new comic for the week! Thanks for those who’ve shown up at the stream! Just so you know, I’ll be hosting live streams for most of my comics and illustrations where you can come by and watch me draw!

In this comic, Risa compliments Shu’s English skills. Anyone who has studied English as a second language know full well just how messy learning English can get. It might very well be one of the more difficult languages to catch on, and I would doubt that there are many native speakers that can even speak English correctly 100% of the time. Here, Risa feels very guilty that Shu went through all the trouble to learn English while she was still at home, not making any effort to learn the language of her parents.

When Shu came to our country, he was relatively new to speaking English, and I could tell. Of course, over several months or so, we became friends and we exchanged a bit of knowledge here and there regarding English and Japanese languages. I was still very impressed with the amount of English he knew and how well he can speak in one-to-one conversations. Of course, it might not be perfect, but it’s not like I didn’t understand. I was actually more impressed in the amount of time he studied the language.