Hi everyone! My trip is coming to a close and I’ve begun my journey back home. But rather than fly straight back home to Edmonton, I will be making short stops along the way. This is my last prepared comic before resuming work at home. My trip has proven to be a whole lot of fun, filled with inspiration and cats, lots of cats. My need for feline interaction for the most part has been satiated, but I will miss them.

In this comic, Yogurt finishes reading Berry’s cute short story, but was ultimately disappointed with how it ended. She raises her voice sharply in protest against Berry’s decision, telling him to go back and rewrite the ending again. The ending was clearly not something that Yogurt enjoyed. It will be very likely that Berry will submit to her desires. That said, Yogurt’s raised voice caught the attention of the librarian. She does not seem pleased at Yogurt.

Until next time everyone! The next time I post a comic, I would be back in my studio in Edmonton!