A new comic for the week!

While Risa was asking Terry for some valuable costume advice, Olivia was close by, listening in to Risa’s conversation. This completely catches Risa off guard. At least now, Olivia knows of a costume for Risa. So far in the series, Olivia has been a rather nosy person, kind of typical for lively people like her. However, I see her as someone who always wants to help people out, especially those who can’t speak out for themselves. I can definitely see Olivia being a sort of popular person at her school, kind of like Terry in middle school.

Just to update, Vol.3 is pretty close to being finished. With only a couple more extra comics left to complete, the bulk of the book is done. I admit, ever since I’ve committed to composing music for the upcoming Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack, I’ve been rather focusing on learning music software, playing around with equipment and instruments, and composing pieces as opposed to finishing the book. However, I will have the book ready for a Fall 2015 release, and that won’t change.