A new comic for the week!

Risa is bringing up her newfound hobby to her friends! She tries shilling all sorts of things that make it seem really cool, everything from how fast quadcopters can fly, to using goggles to fly them! Olivia overhears them in interest, bringing up the topic of “drones”. It can sometimes be a touchy subject, but I’d like to make light of it. Risa is in the boat where calling RC models by the term “drone” is rather derogatory, mainly because current media already uses the term to describe military drones used in warfare, or autonomous spying machines. It’s easy for uninformed people to be scared of anything called a “drone”.

I’m probably in the same boat as Risa, but probably not overzealous about it. I’d avoid the term entirely and just call them quadcopters, quads, UAV, or models.