One more comic for the week!

Olivia is having a Christmas party! She invited her friends over to spend the day with and have fun. In the last comic, Risa darted into the house with excitement while carrying a big box holding her new toy. It turns out that she got an early Christmas present for herself! It was a virtual reality headset! She begins to set it up in Olivia’s living so that everyone else can give it a shot! It wasn’t so much that Risa wasn’t looking forward to the party, but rather she just wanted to play video games for the weekend. Risa points at Yogurt, who was holding the headset, and tells her to throw it on! Yogurt is the first to try out Risa’s VR headset at the party.

Actually, Risa already had her fun in VR earlier in the year when she visited the arcade lounge. Only this time, Risa has her own set to play with at home. VR kits and the equipment needed to run them are not cheap. For Risa to keep up with her hobbies, she’s likely getting a hefty allowance, or she’s finding some way to make a little money doing side jobs. For Yogurt, Gabe, and Terry, that’s not really a luxury that they have. In some way, I think everybody knows somebody that is a little more likely to splurge more for themselves.