Another comic for the week!

It’s Halloween evening! Yogurt and her friends met up to do a bit of trick-or-treating around the neighbourhoods! Depending on where you go, you can find houses with very seasonal, very scary displays and decorations. Where I live, there aren’t very many, and the number of people that dress up their front doors and yards with Halloween decorations continues to fall. That said, the few that do can sometimes really dress them up.

In this comic, Risa volunteers to be the first to go up to a house and ask for candy. Upon reaching the doorstep, she freezes in-spot. The atmosphere around her suddenly changes, and she begins to tremble in fear. Like she was being watched from all over. She cowers away back to her friends. She didn’t get any candy from there. Risa still hasn’t quite overcome scary things yet. Horror films and scary movies aren’t her thing, as she avid tries to avoid anything that’ll make her feint in fear.

Just an update! Yogurt Short Comics Vol.5 is still available for pre-order right up until I send it in for printing! My progress is currently about half way through formatting and proofing the page layouts. A few more comic pages will still need to be completed, and that’ll probably take me a while. I still intend to have it ready to ship out in November!