It’s a new month and I have a new chapter of comics to share! This month, I’ll be having the chapter around Olivia’s nursery Christmas party! In this comic, Livvy had just finished setting up all the snacks and food at the nursery, of course with the help of the kids. We have some familiar faces in this comic too!

One of the things that they kind of hope of some Olivia’s friends would be if they brought some extra food and snacks! With all the mouths to feed at the nursery, having a bit of extra food to munch on is a welcomed gift. It becomes ever more apparent when Olivia finds one of the more rowdy kids snacking on a bunch of the cookies that they had set up.

I just want to let everyone know that I want to thank you for your continued support on Patreon! I do appreciate the patience that you have in waiting for my Vol.7 book. But rest assured that the book is on track to a January release as I slowly put together the remaining pages. It being a completely new format means that all of the old templates that I’ve used in my old books will have to be redone from scratch. Not only that, I’ve also been taking certain liberties with changing the formatting up in certain areas of the book to take advantage of the larger size. All in all, I am really excited to get a copy printed so that I can hold it in my hands!