A new comic for the week!

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry would usually take the bus to get to school. This time is a little different. Because Yogurt woke Berry up pretty early, she wants to use that extra time to walk to school instead. Berry is a bit concerned that it might take a while to walk to school, but Yogurt reassures them that they’ll have enough time.

On another note, comic containers on my new site are now fully functional. I have begun migrating several of my older comics over there, but at the rate I’m going, don’t expect my latest comics to be uploaded there any time soon. Once everything is migrated over and every link has been redirected, the old YogurtMedia site will be practically defunct. That’s not to say that it will be taken down, after all, there’s a bunch of pages, like this one or that one, that will not be migrated over, and will most likely still be accessible only by knowing the url.