Another comic for the week! Once again, this month is going to be a rather slow month for comics. I have been rather busy working on this year’s inktober, and with my overseas trip coming up in just about a week, I’ve been really trying to hammer through as much content as I can! do check out my inktober drawings this year! If you are following me on twitter, you can follow my tag #inktoberyogurt2019!

In this comic, Ada and Risa are discussing things about what they would be doing for the design project. One of the things that they have to come up with for this year is to design an app to meet the needs as laid out by the prof. Ada already has a starting road plan, finding resources and figuring out what they should do based around skills and aspects that they are good at respectively. In the past, Ada had come off as a bit of a stern and angsty gamer girl, but is quite smart and knowledgable in her field of study as Risa discovers.