A new comic for the week! Yogurt is having dinner together with Berry and Papa. As promised, Papa orders a glass of wine for Yogurt. This would be Yogurt’s very first glass of wine and very first serving of alcohol. For a lot of people, alcoholic drinks are sort of a right of passage to becoming an adult. Often marked as dangerous for kids and teens to consume because alcohol itself has a lot of side effects that can potentially cause harm. But Yogurt is now an adult and has well passed the early developing teen years of old. Not only that, she’s responsible and knows that too much can be a bad thing.

Yogurt is a bit anxious, as she had always wondered what wine tastes like, or even what it’s like to be a little bit under the influence. It’s easy to watch movies and TV shows to see how an actor portrays being a little tipsy, but it’s never quite like the first hand experience.