Hi everyone! It’s a new week and I have a new comic to share! Just a quick update on how things are going with Vol.8. Progress has been coming along really nicely. It actually won’t be that long now before I make it’s announcement and official release date. As things are turning out, there’s a quite a bit more content in Vol.8 compared to Vol.7.

In this comic, we return to Yogurt and Berry for the chapter! Yogurt and Berry are at a shopping center and are currently browsing through the flower shop! Yogurt is admiring some roses and how fresh everything is. Berry asks Yogurt what her favourite flower is. Yogurt ponders for a little while, with the first flower to come to mind being a humble daisy. Berry questions Yogurt’s decision, thinking that daisies are weeds. This confuses the Yogurt.

Not all daisies are weeds, but there are quite a few out there that grow incredibly well and love to spread out everywhere. So, yeah, maybe some daisies are pretty weedy.