There’s been a lot of storms around here lately. Large storms. Storms that have tornadoes and whatnot.

In this comic, Risa notices an approaching storm cloud and starts to back up her computer. However, mid-way through her process, her power grid got knocked down.

Even with the peace of mind achieved by periodic back ups, automated or not, there’s always that terrifying sensation of having your computer go through a sudden blackout. Even if it’s just the power, there are some people out there that fear it might have been EMR disruption, which could lead to data loss. If it is just a power outage, then I think things like a back up battery UPS would come in handy. Hehe, but I don’t think Risa has one, judging by her reaction.

Remember everyone! Keep periodic backups, whether if it’s on a server somewhere in the world, or on your pocket-sized external hard drive.