Another comic for the week! Yogurt got something special in the mail! It’s a letter from the Glen-Victoria School of Arts, one of the most recently opened schools in the area that was suggested to Yogurt by her old teacher Mrs. MacMillan. A few months back, Yogurt had sent an application along with her credentials in hopes that she’ll be able to get a position at the school. I took a long while, but she finally got a reply back!

From the letter, it turns out that the position has been fulfilled for the semester. However, her application was carefully considered for the future semester in the coming fall season. This prospect has Yogurt up in hopes, even more so when they’re even asking her to come in for an interview to get to know her as well. Being a relatively new school, with students pouring in from all over, they’re going to be needing as many talented and passionate teachers they could get, and Yogurt might very well have that chance here!