A new comic for the week! I’m currently on a retreat here in the island of Borneo. It’s essentially the Non Non Biyori life. Once in while, I would explore a bit of the buildings around the small towns here. Some are large community halls where once in a blue moon the locals would host markets and events. When everything is empty, though, the whole place feels decrepit and abandoned, with overgrowth slowly taking over. In a way, I can almost imagine being in Japari Park and exploring abandoned remnants of civilization along with Friends. Heck, there’s even an amusement park here with next to zero visitors.

In this comic, Yogurt enters the library to find out what Berry was up to. However, She wasn’t quite as welcomed as she hoped. Berry immediately tries to cover up any evidence of the work he’s been doing. Yogurt continues to pry into Berry’s livelihood, but with no luck, she fails to acquire any meaningful insight. No means no, Yogurt. You can’t always get everything you want.