A new month, and a new comic chapter to share! I’d just like to thank my patrons once again for their support. I’ve received the month’s worth of donations, and have put the funds towards the site hosting costs and future book funds. With the upcoming works of Sketch Artist Koko and Yogurt Short Comics Vol.5, every penny counts!

In this comic, Gabe gets a phone call from Terry. He’s asking if he’s heard from Risa lately, as it doesn’t seem like she’s answering her phone. Meanwhile, Olivia, Yogurt, and Risa are all hanging out shopping! Risa is trying to grab her phone back after having it confiscated by Livvy.

For this chapter, I figure that I can focus mainly on the girls, exploring what makes each of them different from another, but also showing that their group is pretty much like any other girl clique, albeit with a few unique perks.