Yogurt musters up the courage to walk up to her childhood friend, Gabriel, who has been by Yogurt’s side since they were little. Growing up together, they had been through so much. When Yogurt was at her worse, she relied on Gabriel to provide her much-needed comfort and reassurance to continue on and looking forward to greater things in the future. Along the way, she became convinced that there isn’t anyone else that she would rather lean on. She fell in love with her childhood friend.

Today, she confesses her feelings to Gabriel, at the very same spot that her mother and father once stood making the same gesture. During Yogurt’s trip to the mountains back in 2013, her father told her something special. He told her to bring the person that she loves and that she wants to be with to this very same spot in the middle of the mountain range.

Year after year after year, I’ve alluded to these mountains, have built on Yogurt and Berry’s relationship step by step, as well as reveal much of what they had gone through in the past to become the wonderful young adults that they are now. Today, they are no longer just friends anymore…

Thank you for following the series for this long. It has been a wonderful six years. This is the climax of the Childhood Arc of the Yogurt Short Comics series. An ending, but also the mark of a new beginning. Thank you so much, everyone.