Another comic for the week! Well, enough of the flashbacks. I think it’s time to get back on track to present day.

After a long storytelling session with Yogurt’s dad, Risa prepares to leave the New Year’s gathering. With Yogurt in her room, Berry nowhere to be found, and Terry having left home earlier, Risa appreciated the fact that Yogurt’s dad was very open with telling stories about his wife and what she was like. It’s quite late at night for these kids, so perhaps Yogurt’s dad can save the rest of the stories for some other time. Risa expresses her condolences before she leaves with her brother, telling Yogurt’s dad that his wife could have been a great mom. Now where did Yogurt and Berry run off to?

After this month, I can resume Yogurt’s usual antics. Valentine’s day is coming up soon, so there’s a bit of leeway there for something fun to happen.