A new comic for the week! This chapter will be closing soon. Before you know it, Yogurt and her friends would be attending Prom and will finally be graduating out of high school.

In this comic, Yogurt opens up the admittance letter that she got from the university that she and Berry applied to. Anxious and nervous, she opens up the letter and begins to read through the document. She got conditionally accepted. She trembles on the spot with all sorts of mixed emotions running through her mind. She got conditionally accepted into the education program, which means that she would need to work a bit extra hard to fulfill not only the regular requirements of the program but also the conditions that were placed on her acceptance. She probably has to take a few extra courses to make for it, but that’s something that she’ll be able to accomplish during the program.

Yogurt’s path to becoming an elementary/junior high school teacher has just begun.