One last comic for the month.

It’s been a busy month for me, but here’s the last comic for Risa’s multirotor chapter. One of the things that you’ll have to know when it comes to putting together components is soldering. It’s not quite like putting together computer parts, which is full of ports and plugs, something that Risa is all too familiar with. When dealing with quadcopters, or any sort of RC models, you’ll need to know how to splice wires, preparing components for soldering, and even pulling out a trusty multimeter. A lot of it is DIY, so someone like Risa would definitely find it intimidating at first, but perhaps that’s the kind of challenge she’s looking for.

As some of you have heard, the Yogurt Original Image Soundtrack has been completed! The digital download is now available HERE, and the physical CD version has been sent in for printing! If you’d like to reserve your copy of the physical CD, you can preorder it HERE. The CD will have two extra bonus tracks, in addition to having its own unique jewel case and artwork. All CD copies will autographed upon request too!