Hi everyone! I’m just letting you know that my print run is set to arrive by October 28th. Limited copies will be available, but luckily for those who have pre-ordered, I can at least guarantee you a copy! I’ll still be taking pre-orders right up until the shipment comes in.

Risa and Shu are out at a cafe this time around! Apparently Shu wants to try out the large coffees that they serve there. Unlike the usual walk-in chain coffee shops, they went to visit a smaller one that probably serves expensive coffee. Shu really wants to drink coffee, and plans to order the largest ones they have. Consuming a lot of caffeine in the late afternoon could lead one to stay up all night, especially for those that are a little more sensitive to caffeine.

When Shu was around, I regularly met up with him at coffee shops. There, we taught each other a bit of our languages and the type of work we do in our free time.