Another comic for the week!

It’s Yogurt’s first time volunteering for a daycare and the first time she’s getting experience looking after kids! One of the first tasks she had given to herself would be to get to know the kids that are there. She decides to go for a kid who seemed quiet and docile. She meets up with young Hazel! However, it becomes apparent that after greetings, Hazel doesn’t seem to take the interaction very well, giving Yogurt a very mean looking stare as if Yogurt just interrupted Hazel fantasy play.

Perhaps I should probably say this now, but over the last comics, you might have noticed Hazel and Koko making an appearance! They’re the main characters of my upcoming story series, Sketch Artist Koko, only this time they have appeared as their younger selves in the Yogurt series! Needless to say, that can mean one thing: The Yoguverse.