A new comic for the week!

Yogurt and her friends are at the Prom, a graduation party for the senior students at their high school. The prom is taking place in a large convention hall that has been dressed out for the event, complete with lighting, a full party catering service, and various entertainers and live music. Yogurt and her friends are just about starting to have their dinner. It turns out they’re having a kind of pasta, something rather fitting to serve all of the students. Quick and easy to put together a huge amount of. However, Yogurt’s dad is vigorously inspecting the dish. He doesn’t look quite pleased, so Yogurt asks him what’s wrong. Of course, there isn’t really anything wrong with it, except her father would not dare serve the dish at his restaurant. Yogurt is little shocked and panicked. Is there something wrong with the dish that she just took a couple of bites from already?