Another comic for the week! Yogurt had just finished her day in school teaching kids. She meets up with Berry at their favorite cafe to have some nice hot chocolate together. Yogurt looks out the window to appreciate the light dusting and snowfall. As she reminisces over the year, she remarks on how them meeting up for coffee after a long day’s of study and work is a nice change of pace. However, Berry is still crunching pretty hard. He must be going through some tough work at uni right now.

Sometimes we all need to slow down and take a break. It can be hard sometimes to accept the fact that your body needs to stop and rest for a bit, even if your mind is more than willing to keep pushing it further and further. Here, Yogurt and Berry almost represent two different sides. Yogurt is super chill and relaxed, even so far as to take in the snowfall viewing. But Berry is the opposite. He’s focused on his work and the mounting stress from school.