A new comic for the week! This month is coming to a close soon. In fact, this whole arc is coming to a close. The beginning of an entirely new arc is around the corner. Yogurt and her friends will soon enter their adult lives. For some, this period in time can be quite drastic, and for others, the period could be a slow but gradual change. Yogurt has grown up, and she must be ready to face the challenges that the adult life brings.

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry are out fishing! They found a river in the mountains, and Yogurt’s dad brought fishing gear and everything. Just like the last time Yogurt visited the mountains, they will be learning to fish a little bit. Yogurt’s dad is busy giving Berry the rundown of how to cast with his fishing rod. That means learning how to unlock the reel, holding the line, changing hooks, baits, and all that stuff. Fishing is a sport that demands patience. As Berry breaths in to prepare to cast, he swings. Splash! He swung his rod right at the water. The line didn’t go anywhere. Yogurt watches from afar, giggling to herself at the sight of Berry embarrassing himself.