One more comic for the week! I recently completed my first week of my full-time job. Needless to say, but there’s certainly a lot to get used to, but it’s all a fun learning experience. In other news, I’ll also be updating everyone on my status for the upcoming Edmonton Comic Expo in September. Once I have confirmation, I’ll let you know of my table number and all the merch that I will be bringing to the convention!

In this comic, Yogurt is getting changed and getting ready to go out with Berry to park for a nice day walk. However, Yogurt is still a little self-conscious of her body and wonders if the clothes she’s wearing does quite make her look too big or anything. I’d like to believe that Yogurt is just going through a phase and just needs constant reassurance as she tries to overcome these feelings of self-worth. In the months prior to this chapter, she was actually doing just fine, living and even eating happily. She wore clothes not too dissimilar to the fashions that she is seemingly more cautious of now without a care in the world. It just so happened that stepping on the scale earlier at the beginning of the month shattered a part of her self-esteem, a part that might take some time to mend back together. Luckily, Berry’s around to help her with just that, just like how Yogurt was there for him.