Here’s a new comic for the week! I’ve begun taking pre-orders for the first batch of Yogurt Short Comics Vol.1. If you would like to reserve a copy, check out the YogurtMedia Store!

Yogurt and her friends are out shopping, and they came across some Halloween costumes. I wonder what kind of costumes they are planning to wear… Well any case, I’m sure they will be enjoying the Halloween season. It’s a great time to enjoy the autumn season, with a side of candies and chips.

Sometimes when lining up for the cashier, you can’t always be sure when you can step up. Sometimes there’s a till that just opened, and it catches you off guard. Also, some people tend to space out in the line. It’s nice to have Berry there to keep her awake.

I’m still thinking about some of the comics for this month. There’s a lot I can write about.