A new comic! In this comic, the teacher decides to got with a classroom party. They’ll be able to waste the day there while spending the least amount of money. With the exception of food, staying in class instead of going out on a fieldtrip is cheap. When the teacher asks his students to bring any movies, he utters something about wanting to bring his own collection of movies: Japanese Anime. There’s always that odd time when you discovered that your teacher is interested in something that you wouldn’t expect. I’ve had a few teachers that had really interesting hobbies, like being a DJ, Youtuber, or even an author to a children’s book series.

Lately, I have been very busy, so this comic came out a little late. I’ve been slowly playing around with a brand new YogurtMedia website project. The mockup I’ve posted before shows what I hope to accomplish, but with the way things are going, I might be able to achieve something even better (or worse). I’ll definitely have updates when certain things are ready!